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Future Folk Art

Alo Alvaro Moniz is a mystic, artist, songwriter, and  storyteller living in Sedona Arizona & Tulum Mexico.

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What people experience

"I felt energy in a way I have never felt. The vibration and level of energy was intense, felt in my hands and heart. I had an out of body experience. I feel clear in a way I have not in a very long time, like I'm vibrating at another level."

anonymous rebirthing Breathwork client

"This was a very interesting experience. I had a vision that I was within a sphere filled with gel that slowed down the stimulus around me so I had time to react in a more conscious way. I had a significant release of anger that was so therapeutic."

anonymous rebirthing Breathwork client

"This was powerful. Unbelievable. My whole body was vibrating. I felt so much release and I cried to release it.  I feel so joyful. Alo is amazing and his studio is just beautiful."

anonymous rebirthing breathwork client

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4 new original paintings coming soon

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