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Alo Moniz

Art & Soul

Spirituality, nature, humor, and the expressive arts were personal medicines of mine that allowed me to overcome early traumas.  Breathwork, dance (modern, hip hop, African), and yoga training got me to once again feel connected to my physical body. Singing gave me back my voice. Acting and improvisation helped me recreate myself from ground zero when I realized my whole life outside of my creative world was just a series of traumatic responses.

The performing arts reminded me that depression was just trapped expression and that in every moment I have access to a wide range of emotions and I have the ability to recreate them and the world around me with the projection that my life creates.

The traumas themselves had blessed me with the medicinal ability to easily leave the physical and enter flow states where I feel like a radio receiver for creative and spiritual energies. My outer vision was also reshaped as I am able to see (and occasionally hear) spirit energy. I do not yet call myself a medium because I have not mastered the ability to call your great grandmother and make her talk, although occasionally she just shows up when I don't expect it. I'm not sure that it's the path my life is meant to travel anyway.

The work I do today whether creative, or therapeutic is all the same. It is meant to bring humor to the uncomfortable, to bring a voice to the voiceless, to bring expression to the depressed, to make nature feel like home to us again, and to bring God's people back home to the God within themselves.

My life is creating a sacred space for you to safely explore yourself and all your potential and your personal connection to Source. I'm here to guide you from of a state of survival, back to a state of connection to others and the whole of creation.

In the words of Andrew Genovese: "I live in another world, and if you come near me, I will wrap you in it like a cloak of stars."

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