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Rebirthing breathwork ceremony

A journey through the breath to unlock the 70% of your unused self.

  • 2 hours
  • 222 US dollars
  • Sedona

Service Description

Social conditioning and the ways of the modern world have us breathing at around 30% our capacity. This keeps us trapped in survival mode with a constant fight or flight response leading to anxiety, depression, body pains, and other illness. In that 70% of our unused breath is our higher intelligence and our connection to creator force but most of us never actually tap into it until we lose our meat-suits and merge with creation again. But YOU are the exception. You realize that life is too precious to waste on going with the flow of the norm that keeps your higher powers at bay. You realize you were born with unique gifts that need to be discovered and used. You realize that feeling lost all the time is not the way, and that all these vices and substitutes for love and joy that you fill your days with for comfort, are just weighing you down further. In this ceremony we create a safe sacred nest for you to begin the process that will reveal your truest self to you using the "rebirthing" tradition. We will set an intention and then safely allow repressed traumas to reveal themselves so that they may finally be processed and released, leaving only the medicine. I will coach you through breathing in a conscious connected way, to allow the breath to show you the quickest route to your intention and make it obvious what may be standing in the way of actualizing it. It is not uncommon for this journey to initiate a tremendous shift and new direction in people's lives. It often breaks addictions, cures chronic pains and illness, changes relationships, and leaves you with a peaceful sense of well-being. There is nothing I want more than to see your personal truth shining out of every pore of your beingness. I want to see the pain, the depression, the guilt, the shame, the smallness, the insecurity, and all the baggage fall away, so that I can watch your soul blossom as its meant to, so you can once again pollinate this world with your authentic divine gifts. Team this ceremony with the Ecdysis massage to experience what I call the "Sedona Complete rebirthing package" The perfect afternoon for making sure you don’t leave Sedona the same person you arrived as. Includes: Rebirthing breathwork ceremony: 120 minutes Followed by the Ecdysis massage ceremony 120 minutes 4 hours for $400 (Save $44)

Contact Details

  • Sedona, AZ, USA


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