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"Minerva Too" Alo Moniz's upcoming original animated series featuring original music, & art by Alo

Updated: Jan 16, 2023


“the modern new age family”

Minerva too

is a musical series that follows an undercover siren (Alo) who begins a journey with his newly adopted family of mystical creatures to use his hypnotic voice to speed up evolution, & bring humanity back to a place of peace and environmental balance, but when his seductive voice accidentally breaks up a marriage between his former teen idol obsession Ravierrr & his gold digging leprechaun of a fiance Leprika. She vengefully clones Alo and turns his clone into a controversial obnoxious pop star called the NARCISSIST who uses his voice to drown Alo’s out and gets his followers to overthrow the world’s leaders and help carry out Leprika’s plan to complete the deforestation of the earth, and seal humanity away in an entertainment based bubble-world that will “protect” humans from the dangers of nature and all the strange mystical creatures that are now forced out of hiding and exposed to world where they’ve been outlawed and they must fight for their rights. Alo learns the continent of Atlantis will be rising from the sea and that it will be his to populate if he can lure his followers to it’s Oasis. This begins a battle of the bands and an epic fight for humanity. Who will you follow? What world do you believe in?

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